Vic Valentine

Vic Valentine and Hilda defeated Captain Ultra Fist at Galacticadia 4 to become the new Intergalactic Co-Champions!

VIC VALENTINE!(INTERGalactic co-champion)

Little is know about Vic matter what he tells you! This B-Movie actor has appeared in such box office flops as Unlikely Babysitter, The Haunted Haunted House as well as Solo Cop 1 and 3.

He arrived at Super Awesome Showdown during its first season on earth, mistaking it for a reality show audition. He easily proved himself in his first match against the Super Awesome Showdown Programs. Since his accidental participation in the most dangerous fighting competition in the universe, Vic Valentine has managed to stay one step ahead of the more powerful super beings on the show using his acting skills, trickery, and delusional narcissism.

Perhaps he sees Super Awesome Showdown as a way to reignite his acting career -- or maybe a way to take it to a whole new level! For whatever reason, Vic Valentine persists as a constant thorn in the side of the Showdown's Heroes, it's Citizens and good taste.

Height: Average
Weight: 165 lbs
Age: 30 (But can play anywhere from 19 to 50)
Special Attacks: Big Vic Weekend, The Stunt

Power - •••••
Energy - ••••••••
Speed - ••••••
Smarts - ••••••
Skill - ••••••
Toughness - •••••