Cornelius Jeffery is from a small town with only one Disco. He loves to dance and watch martial arts flicks. By day he's a college student studying hip hop and science. By night, he's a janitor at the university he attends. One night, while on the job, he enters the chemistry lab. While there, he takes a break and eat's dinner. Before heating his food on a bunsen burner he places his grape drink into a fridge (unaware that this fridge is only for keeping hazardous chemicals). Cornelius eats his chicken and mac n cheese. He then goes to grab his drink and unknowingly grabs the wrong bottle. Cornelius drinks and feels very sick. Seeing rainbows over his head he passes out. Cornelius wakes up in the hospital curious as to what happened to him. However, the doctors can't explain what effects the substance had on him. Without answers, he checks himself out of the hospital. Close by he witness'es a woman getting dragged to an alley. He runs to her rescue but gets quickly outmatched by the kidnappers. Then suddenly a surge of energy flows through him and gives him super power, he overpowers the kidnappers and saves the girl. Afterwards he goes home freaked out about what transpired, he starts to recall what happened that night at the school. Cornelius shrugs it off and starts to watch his flicks, sudden;y he watches the movements of the martial arts and mimics them perfectly like the spitting image. now realizing what the purple chemical has done to him. He creates a costume and names himself "Rainfro"!


Height: Big, like the Earth.
Weight: Heavy, ya dig!

Age: Somewhere in the 70's

Special Attacks: Funk Fu, Karate, Taste the Rainbow
Power - •••••••
Energy - ••••••
Speed - •••••
Smarts - •••••
Skill - ••••••••
Toughness - •••••••