Praetor Ivan Sadistic


Praetor Ivan Sadistic is the 2nd strongest warrior from Space Romania and loyal minion to General Vlad Tempest. With his Space Romanian War Mask drenched in the blood of his enemies, he has the strength of 10 Space Romanians and is always eager to interfere in Temptest’s matches giving the General an unfair advantage. Whether he is wrestling on his own or backing the great Space Romanian General, his loyalty and actions always further the cause of SPACE ROOOOOOOOMAAAAAAANNNIIIAAAA!!!


Height: 5’11”

Weights: 92 space kilos of bad intentions

Age: 272 Space Romanian Lunar Years

Special Attacks: Space Romanian DDT Destroyer, Space Romanian Rainmaker

Power – •••••••••

Energy – •••••

Speed – ••••

Smarts –  ••

Skill - ••••
Toughness -  ••••••




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