The Immaculate Machine forced his way into Super Awesome Showdown via a dimensional portal created inside the digital realm of the Battle Grid. Polybius is hell bent on reprogramming the minds of every "imperfect" being he encounters.

His first opponent, Captain Ultra Fist was defeated quickly at the hands of the Cyber God as Polybius reprogrammed the Battle Grid with mere gestures. Since then, Polybius' virus has been spreading rapidly throughout the Battle Grid, corrupting normally neutral programs to do his bidding.

Not only has Polybius proven to be a lethal combatant by copying his opponent's techniques, he even seems to possess the ability to change the rules of combat set by Gorgus Marsupilami and the Showdown Battle Grid. His powers transcending from the digital realm to the real.
Height: 10000101100001
Weight: 00100010111100
Age: 1600 cycles
Special Attacks: Alt-F4, Reprogram, Uncanny Valley Driver,

Power: - ?
Energy - ••••••••••
Speed: - ?
Smarts - 
Skill: - ?
Toughness: - ?

polybius IN ACTION