Hailing from a terrible dimension known as The Vortex, the self-titled Lord Magnos arrived on earth with his nightmarish hordes of mindless minions concurrently with the landing of Super Awesome Showdown.

Drawn to the power contained within Showdown's mainframe, the inter-dimensional conqueror is born of a race of ancient evils known as the Effrienach. Magnos displays horrible arcane powers, near god-like strength and the ability to regenerate from negative energy. Few can claim to have caused more havoc and strife in Super Awesome Showdown than Lord Magnos.

Despite his penchant for destruction and aimless rampages, Magnos has been obliterated multiple times during Showdowns. However, as a form of evil incarnate, Magnos always finds a way to return!

Height: Huge
Weight: 245 Terrorwatts of Pure Negative Energy
Age: Over 10,000 years old
Special Attacks: The Vortex Powerslam, The Abominator
Power - ••••••••
Energy - •••••••
Speed - •••••
Smarts - •••••
Skill - •••••
Toughness - ••••••••