What Kid Night lacks in power and budget, he makes up for in tenacity and a strong sense of right and wrong. Fighting crime as a man without many gifts, he learned to work with what was on hand. It is perhaps this resourcefulness that makes him one of the most effective heroes in Super Awesome Showdown.

Though derided as only a man in a mask, Kid Night has stood against nearly every villain in the Showdown roster. Evil gods, super-beings and mega-machines have beaten Kid Night within an inch of his life--and then some! If nothing else, Kid Night is a testament to the human spirit, and has proven to many would be conquerors that mortal man is stronger than he appears!

Kid Night was struck down at Super Awesome Showdown: Deep Space Doomsday. He was brutally murdered by the evil Habanero! Kid Night returned from the grave Super Awesome Showdown: Super Nova Nightmare, but only as a brainless Zombie. His evil, brain eating corpse, was defeated by Rainfro. Put to rest once again, but you ever know, they say "heroes never die!" Will we ever see our fallen hero again?

Height: Shrinking
Weight: Rotting Skin and Bones
Age: Dead
Special Attack: Sporadic Zombism  

Power - Dead
Energy - Dead
Speed - Dead
Smarts - Dead
Skill - Dead
Toughness - Dead

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