Half Vegetable, Half......well, no one is quite sure, actually. A strange plant man with a spicy lust for for life and an unwavering sense of justice, Jalapeno crashed down to planet earth from a distant galaxy, completely by accident! Since arriving in Super Awesome Showdown, he has found himself the target of many powerful beings, good and evil alike! Some want to understand him (difficult, because he only seems to know one word), others covet his unusual powers for their own. Some simply want to destroy him!

So far, Jalapeno manages to remain a mystery to the other competitors. The only thing that is truly understood about this super-spicy savior is that should an act of evil be perpetrated, the most powerful pepper on the planet will make his presence known!

Height: Roughly Man-Shaped
Weight:10,001 Scoville Heat Units
Age: Ripe
Special Attacks: Jalapeno Popper, Seasoned Suplex