Hilda and Vic Valentine defeated Captain Ultra Fist at Galacticadia 4 to become the new Intergalactic Co-Champions!

HILDA! (intergalactic co-champion)

The Herculean Hilda was found at the age of 10, living in a volcano deep within the Austrian mountains. With no memory of how she got there, the mysterious mädchen was taken to an orphanage. There, she often stole other kids' food as she was a rapidly growing girl and always hungry. 

At age 12 she left the orphanage. Hitching a ride in the wheel well of a cargo plane, she ended up in New York City. The fierce fräulein lived on the streets, ate out of trash cans, and stuck it to the man! At 18, she was 6 feet tall and worked security at punk rock venues around town. One night, the bellicose bouncer saved sort of famous fighter/actor Vic Valentine from a vicious beating from two women after he attempted to inappropriately seduce them at the same time. 
Vic now employs her as his personal valet and bodyguard!
Height: 6'
Weight: 200 lbs of Solid Muscle
Age: 23
Special Attacks: Catch as Catch Can
Power - •••••••
Energy - •••••
Speed - •••••
Smarts - •••••
Skill - ••••••
Toughness - ••••••••