Grooving straight to you from right here on earth comes RainFro! The Spacey Pop Star is chock full of more Soul, Power and Unearthly Kung-Fu skills than any normal man could handle.

Cornelius Jefferys was once a young, ambitious young man making his way to a statistics class at a prestigious university, getting a masters degree in Big Important Business. Then out of nowhere, a Funkicite Meteorite crashed down on top of his head!

When he awoke, he was no longer Cornelius Jeffries but the Funky Soul Brother From the Stars, RainFro!

RainFro left to outer space, entertaining entire galaxies with his rhythmic heroics and outrageous dance moves! Now, he brings his unique style and flair back home to Super Awesome Showdown!

Height: Big, like the Earth.
Weight: Heavy, ya dig!

Age: Somewhere in the 70's

Special Attacks: Funk Fu, Karate, Taste the Rainbow
Power - •••••••
Energy - ••••••
Speed - •••••
Smarts - •••••
Skill - ••••••••
Toughness - •••••••